Weddings & Events

I would love to provide floral design services for your next event! See below for photo gallery.

Please email thegracefulbloom@outlook.com to discuss your event requirements.

A Word on Weddings

Included in my itemised quotes to prospective brides are two items I have added myself that I provide free of charge for orders over $1,500.

First is a ‘sneak peek’ arrangement.  I remember when I got married there was a tester for everything (the cake, the reception food, the dress etc.) but no one really ever gets to see the flowers!  I think that it’s a really important step in the process, not only because you are spending a substantial amount of money, but also because it provides us both with the confidence that the colour themes and design ideas that we’ve both selected will work on the day and you will be happy with!

The second item is a throw away bouquet. I have my wedding bouquet sitting in a frame at home, and I love being able to look at it and reminisce about what a great day it was. The throw away bouquet gives you the opportunity to hang on to your bridal bouquet instead of having a crowd of enthusiastic women fight over it!

If I sound like the right fit for you- pop me an email and let’s chat!